Mu-An Chiou

Eine Software-Designerin und -Entwickerin, die bescheidene Websites erstellt.

Jetzt in Berlin, Deutschland. Frühere Wohnorte sind New York, London und Birmingham, UK.

Aktualisiert am 23.05: Selbstständig. Schläft, strickt, spielt Squash, macht Yoga, lernt Deutsch und backt manchmal Brot. Berührt selten einen Laptop.



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a row of windows each with one potted plant in them, with brown trimmings and white wall a train station with a bench, a clock, and a ticker reading, we ride with pride. a concrete building made of giant blocks with relatively small windows. a worship place with chairs and a cross, surrounded by high concrete walls and ceiling height windows. a concrete building with a tree against grayish sky


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a group of people on a sidewalk watching an old man play accordion a bicycle and a ironing board by a street corner a yellow sign on a sidewalk depicting a blue head with long tongue out and a hand reaching out of its mouth trying to grab a pizza that’s flying away a person standing in front of a building with graffiti of cartoon dogs with various different expressions on a white wall a bicycle parked outside of a building by a blossoming tree with pink flowers


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Neueste: 16.06.2024

“Surprise the clay.”