Mu-An Chiou


An no entry sign hidden behind bushes.

Shy no entry sign.

A piece of paper with the text “Slippery Pavement” attached to a traffic cone on the edge of a tiny playground on a sunny day. There’s also an empty park bench.

Slippery pavement.

A giant Banyan tree stood on one side of a pavement with its branches extending and covering the top half of the photo.

5 massive Banyan trees in this tiny dead end alley way?!

Roof of a white finely tiled building with overgrown trees against a blue sky backdrop. Power lines, scattered clouds.

I decided it is OK to just post a photo of the sky here.

Overhead shot of three pretzels, one covered in sesame, one covered in pumpkin seeds, and one lightly salted, in a row on a irregularly shaped wooden board, on top of a dark walnut stool.

I baked Pretzels.

Exit 1 of the Tamsui MRT station in New Taipei City during the day with skylight and shadow falling onto the red brick walls and pillars and people hanging around in the background.


A small waterfall in focus in the background, blurred lush greeneries in the foreground.

Smell of sulfur.

Interior space featuring smooth white walls, curved corners, and soft shadows.

At Taichung National Theater for the Hiroki Nishiyama exhibition.

Upward shot of a building exterior featuring smooth gray walls and white inset areas under a gray sky.

National Taichung Theater.

Exterior of a structure with gray walls and white curved inset area linking into french windows.

National Taichung Theater.

An aged dark green wooden panel, with a white poster reading Portrait, Yuktamura Solo Exhibition, stood in the front yard of a small, old, white structure.

One of my favorite spot in Taichung: 綠光+ marutë.

A sign read Petit été under a clear blue sky.

Haven’t been here for 6 years.

Four women and a man talking around at a table in a restaurant with one woman in standing in an apron.

Conversations with friends™.

Top down shot of a restaurant bar counter with a single staff working on food, and four women customers sitting in front of finished bowls of phos.

Petit été. ♥︎

Various electric paper lamps and room dividers in an atmospheric setting.

KIMU Design.

A lamp designed by KIMU Design in a dimly lit room floating above a leather couch.

KIMU Design.

On a corner of a street there sat three gray transformer boxes with grimacing faces drawn on them.


Two road reflecting mirrors on the pavement with signs reading “beware”.


A sculpture, of giant golden hand holding what looks like aluminum rods or straws floating in space, on the side of a finely tiled building in white.

Straws, anyone?

Workers covered head to toe mowing grass under the MRT lines.


Top of an old residential building with rusted iron structure and a row of lively potted plants. Bright sunny day.


A woman wearing a scooter helmet buying fish from a vendor with bright yellow and green tarp.

Fish vendor.

A small dog with its tongue out on bright blue leash.

Dog is hot.

Sunny day. Entrance to a traditional market in Taipei, with street vendors, greeneries, and a arch named after a temple.

Beitou Kinlung Market.