Mu-An Chiou


a row of windows each with one potted plant in them, with brown trimmings and white wall

On our way to Wotrubakirche.

a train station with a bench, a clock, and a ticker reading, we ride with pride.

Pride day. Bad photographer who couldnt be arsed to change the shutter speed.

a concrete building made of giant blocks with relatively small windows.

Previously the site of a Nazi barrack. A statement piece this is.

a worship place with chairs and a cross, surrounded by high concrete walls and ceiling height windows.

Inside Wotrubakirche. A messa was taking place that night.

a concrete building with a tree against grayish sky

Hard to photograph though.

a brutalist structure built with giant concrete blocks with a glass ceiling height door

Wotrubakirche ♡ Hiked to see concrete! Worth it.

a view of a canal from a circular hole

Here to see swans.

People sitting outside of a cafe and pedestrians.

Lovely chairs and color combinations.

a green van parked on a street.

Cute car.

a green door with a white street number sign 9A against a light yellow wall and a satellite dish.


Brick building with arched windows and archways with bright red doors and the Berlin Fire Brigade logo.

The Fire Station Prenzlauer Berg is the oldest operating professional fire station in Germany.

a building with decorative tiles in beige and dark green. trees and a parking sign in the foreground.
shadows of benches and window decorations at a tram station
a shopping cart on top of a tall concrete tower.
A cat staring at a distance.


a formosan blue magpie sitting in a tree body facing away but facing towards the camera

Noot noot.

a Yamato deliver truck on the street


a street light on a street in the day time at a crossing
Lanterns above store fronts.

Another lovely day.

a building with a door and extruding columns
a street sign and a shadow on a wall

Lovely day.

An orchestra and conductor at the center of the stage at the closing of a performance

Gewandhausorchester Leipzig at National Concert Hall

an aged white and red sign on a closed storefront

A sign.

a white building with a railing

Nice day.

a large crane and containers


a hill with KEELUNG signs on it under a cloudy blue sky

The bookstore on the hill is cool.

hentry to a tower parking lot with yellow beige walls and trimming
a city with boats and cranes

Dawn in the rainy city. Rainbow houses at the port.

baskets of different kinds of colorful fish

Fishy fishy fishy.

a group of people at a market

Kanziding fish market, they said it’s the Taiwanese 築地. I think not.

a body of water with a rocky cliff side

Northeast coast.

a city at night with lights on

Keelung port at night.

Rocky coast of Keelung

Hiked up a mountain to see more water.

a cat lying on a chair next to a wild garden

A rainy day.

an emerald dove sitting on a branch in a tree

♡ such nice green.

a group of wooden statues on display

Ian Potter NVG

a parking garage with a brick wall and a car parked in the back


a shopping cart next to a tree in front of pastel colored buildings

I think you’ll get it.

a tree and two tiny trees in the island between the roads.

The tree and the little trees. Where does it stop? (FoTC reference)

a sign on a pole for people to hit the button for crossing. red figure on the top, green figure in the middle walking, and a red muscle-y figure with shiny symbols around them at the bottom.

Aussies are ripped is what I got from this.

a top down shot of a staircase with metal railings and checker patterns on the steps

Making the most of my trapped state.

through a window, a person standing on a rooftop construction site wearing a bright orange vest
windows in a beige tiled old time-y hallway with sun shining through casting shadow on the ground

Almost locked myself in the fire escape here.

a street sign and a lot of trees and plants on the road between two brick building

Brunswick Street is not in Brunswick, FYI.

a translucent blue sign on the sidewalk reading “video games video games video games pop up”

The Drifter! Check them out on Steam.

a building with faded blue paint on the stop and faded red paint on the bottom with the door open exposing the interior green tiles

Good colours.

a plastic bag on a small stool by a steel bright blue door.

Here’s a small stool and its best plastic bag friend hanging out by the big blue door.

a mirror signage with a bunch of holes reading “creating urban landscape” in a small park, in the foreground two elder people walk past it.

My pet peeve: signs in Taipei in English.

Close up of a pay phone with buttons, yellow panel with printed instructions, in a red, wooden frame.


An old school roadside pay phone in good conditions with legible buttons and instructions.

Found a pay phone.

a glass vase with dried flowers on a white cabinet along with 3 books.

Golden hour.

a bicycle by a big tree

Honestly trees and a lot of water is not a good combination.

palm trees with blue sky


a bridge over a river at night

“It kinda feels like London here.” “Other places have bridges ok?”

an off white building with persony windows and faded mustard yellow rounded block pattern decoration


birds flying over a pool


a group of portraits of people in a dark alley.

Alley gallery.

a group of bicycles parked on a sidewalk next to a building by a canal on which a shirtless man chills on a boat.

Good day.

A sidewalk with trees and a bus stop.
a staircase with red railing with platforms in between.

“why do you bring such heavy cameras to all the work meetings?” “for my lunch strolls.”

a sign on a building reading “lady, perm” in front of another building in white tiles.
a glass building with plants in the back


A building with exposed weathered concrete and a courtyard.


A fiddle fig leaf inside of a concrete walled garden

Dear fiddle fig leaf…

a light green tiled building with by a lamp post and a bike

The fuzzy windows.

a building with a metal cage on top of it

It’s a metal cage but it’s kinda cute.

Multi-floor building with rounded big windows and pastel color tiles.
a sign on a building reading 源, MARUGEN 59, on the street of Ginza.
a truck parked in an alley with a building that looks like a metal net from the outside and red brick building on the side.
Alley with garbage bins and concrete buildings at the far end.
a narrow alleyway between buildings and a highway/overground.
An old school building entrance with a potted plant in front of the door. Seems to be a tax accountant company from the sign.

I imagined the interior to be old school with terrible fluorescent lights, but IRL probably some plastic dividers would be involved.

a white traffic cone with a white cardboard attached to it on a sidewalk.


a street with power lines and an out of place brutalist slanted brick building.

This reminded me of Miss Oranje.

a green japanese police vehicle parked on the side of a road with traffic cones by it.
a concrete wall marked with 21_21.

Mission #2 look at some beautiful furniture. ♡

a bicycle parked outside of a building with pastel color panels
A brutalist building with exposed concrete and a wall curved inwards.

Tokyo you’re too cool.

shelves of pipes
Post office building in front of trees
a large rectangular frame with trees in the background

This looks so realistic in real life you’d think there’s a hole in the wall, at 21th century museum of contemporary art.

a car parked in a garage on the street level, white building with shadow of street lamps casted on the walls.
Pedestrian cross and signs.
A giant bear plushy looking defeated on the roof of a house boat with a beer bottle by it.

Bear has a bit too much.

Regency cafe with white window frames, green tiles, and a white scooter parked in front of it.

What a pair of lungs the lady has.

Overgrown trees on the streets of London.
construction site with yellow and red fences and traffic cone.
A cat sitting on the balcony looking indoor through a bunch of plants.

What a face.

Artek Stool 60 the Kontrasti edition disassembled and hung on a concrete wall as art. Greenery outside the window.

Kontrasti ♡.

tables and chairs in bright orange under street overhang and a zigzag red and white pattern banner
two benches in a room with sunset shadow casted
a room with a large window and a bench
a room with a window, a white curtain, and a bench.

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

a large pile of machinery in a warehouse
Blue sky, sunset casting a building with a fire escape.
finely tiled building with a light orange sign in the front and dark green window screen on both sides.
A fire extinguisher partially covered by trees and plants.

Shy fire extinguisher.

Sunny day, front of a garage door. The wall beside has repeating round brush patterns and dark blue paneling roof.


Finely tiled building in a faded yellow ish color, a bunch of shrubs on one side, on the other side a walkway detailed with curved pink lining.
A sculpture of a woman sitting on a block of wood holding a silver disc. Behind her, a textured 3D printed curved vase with flowers and eucalyptus.

Improving her quality of life.

a close up of one birds of paradise leaf.

birds of paradise thrives wherever I go

An image projected on a wall. In front of the wall a table in the middle of a dimly lit room. On the table, an old school computer monitor showing a terminal, a mechanical keyboard, and a lamp.

FOLIO by Matt DesLauriers at Generative Taipei

An old school computer monitor showing a terminal, a mechanical keyboard, a lamp, and a notebook listing commands, in a dimly lit room.

FOLIO by Matt DesLauriers at Generative Taipei

Graffiti on a electricity box with a mouse being hang by a thread across its body, saying ママン.


A big rock (about 2 meters) with a no parking sign attached, and orange text graffiti reading “Not Free (P) Out!!” with yellow text shadow.

Rock appreciation day.

A plastic bottle with googly eyes and a sad mouth with text reading “You! Out!”.

I am not welcome here.

A leaning pot of lush plant along the sidewalk.

Not too dissimilar to my head of hair that is also quite a mess.

A Roland FP30X piano, plants, AJ floor lamp.

New corner.

Three geese standing by a pond.

These jerks. (untitled goose game)

Tall Brick building with a yellow signpost to the parking lot underground and a yellow block of paint over the top right corner of the building.

Color blocks.

stacks of colored paper made to look like skyscrapers.

Beyond Architecture at MOCA

arched walkway made of rusted steel panels

Beyond Architecture at MOCA

A white scooter parked in front of a house with a light green door and a big tree on a sunny day.

A. stone

A tiled building with yellow pillars and a small stones wall garden.
A white and yellow building with pillars and construction on the outside on a sunny day.
beige tiled building, a bike
Statue of a long haired woman made with ceramic holding a silver disc sitting on a block of wood.

很幸運有機會獲得她。希望她跟我在家能夠平靜安定。(made by 身體山島)

A pot of Pothos with lushes long leaves and vines placed in a circular shape.

Repotted Rapunzel here.

Woman wearing a pink dress and a blazer running on a gray beach on a cloudy day.

A happy day.

Ocean far away, cloudy day.

Bye, Philippine sea.

A red plastic chubby water container laying on the beach with greens in the background on a cloudy day.

Run, run, runaway.

Man wearing a black cap, white shirt, orange pants, black shoes, holding a pinkish orange buoy on a beach with ocean in the background.

“Matches your trousers.”

The ocean, on a cloudy day. Bluish gray water.


An island in the ocean far away on a cloudy day.

Turtle Island.

A man and a woman walking towards a beach on a cloudy day.

Fun day looking through trash.

A block of weathered styrofoam with plastic straps sticking out of it.

Not a rock.

Blocks of styrofoam that has been weathered stacked as a side table.


old buildings in taipei with stone façade and walkways occupied by scooters.
brick walls with asphalt pathway down to a basement parking lot. few small trees grew along the wall.

concrete and green

small square tiles made of shades of green, white strips. A tree, banana leaves, wooden fence.
street shot, asphalt, shopfront with lots of potted plants, a row of color plant pots on the second floor, finely tiled beige building.
lots of plants over growing out of a window sill.

out of control greens.

the entrance to 22 workshop, brick structure with neon sign and window doors.

love 2 show up to friends’ unannounced.

Sculpture of a slender woman holding a silver disc sitting atop of a wooden block.


white tiled building, trees, scooters, construction lines.
An Eurasian magpie of black and white patterns standing on a drying rack.

This magpie has been coming everyday stealing cat food.

Misty mountain on a cloudy/rainy day.

Day of many new experiences.

Rhapidophora hayi, dark green leafy plants that climbs trees.

Tropical climbers.

Red door, blue tiled door roofs, pink/magenta flowers on top of a garage door. Between them cracked concrete.


Concrete blocks of varying sizes and monkey bars in a park with lots of trees.

Playground brutalist.

A magpie standing on wooden balcony looking to the left, lots of trees in the background.

Cat food stealing magpie.

A magpie standing on wooden balcony fence, trees in the background.

Cat food stealing magpie.

An otherwise very neat and minimalistic building with vertical tiled panels of white and beige and AC units installed on the outside wall.
A cow cat laying on a couch staring away with a weird smirk?

What a face.

A cow cat sitting on a scratch bowl in front of an exposed concrete wall, wooden panel flooring.

He used it!!! I made it for the last two cats who didn’t give a shit.

A cat squinting on a couch with a blurred laptop in the foreground.

@dgraham once said a cat item comes with bonus programming skills. Can confirm. ♡

A black and white cat sitting on a CH24 looking at the camera.

Petit ami.

Tiled brown building, anti-theft windows, paneled housing, trees, a bird that’s not in focus.

Classic Taipei.

Hallway with arched gates to the courtyard and sun casted shadows in arched shapes in a row.

Power to the People exhibit.

Chained no parking stop signs with black frames and yellow graphic in front of a finely tiled building in beige.

This new school looks nice.

A bidirectional street with huge trees separating the lanes and monstera growing at the start.

I am obsessed with this street.

A big ish tree on a park path, on a sunny as the sun casted down through the leaves.

When I grow up I wish to have a tree.

Yellowish beige tiles on the first floor and green tiles on the second floor of a building with the post office sign.

Post office.

pedestrian traffic light, roadblock signage reading “vehicles, change route”


Tree bark covered in faded light green spots.

More greens.

Fungi that look like ears on a tree branch.


Bunya pine’s little spiky branches.

Conifers are cool.

Peacock fern, looks like a type of fern but is actually a clubmoss.

Peacock fern, not a type of fern.

Zoom out view of the foggy mountain with a man looking towards the top and another man holding a baby hiking down.

Hiking with a baby?!

Foggy forest looking creepy.

The mist over 1k.

A fern plant looking healthy and thick.

I’ll just leave this one pic of fern here out of the dozens I took.

Back of a man wearing a hoodie and a backpack between trees.

Love a good forest.

Hiking trail with broken bridge and a rope attached to the cliff side.

Sure this looks safe.

Burl on a tree shaped like a broccoli.


Ptlaman hiking trail, reading 1k + 000.

The “oh my god I kept thinking it said OK” moment.

Ptlaman hiking trail sign, reading 0k 900.

Not me kept thinking this says “OK” instead of “0K”.

Two pretzels on a black rectangular plate facing each other.

Back in business for a bit!

Rows and rows of lanterns lit and marked with “TongHua Fu De Temple”, and the structure below says “Temple of the money of God”

Money money money.

Tiled building, shrubs, driveway.


Dish spread on a wooden table. Lots of small plates of dips, charred vegetables, pickles, and a board of pita.

Lunar NY lunch with friends.

A dimly lit bookstore with makeshift shelves.

Opening shop for Ridge Books.

Brick wall with shadow of a tree casted upon it. An electric pole at the edge of the frame, and in the foreground a corner of a building with large-sized beige tiles.

Taking~ photos~

Tinplate, finely tiled green wall, a mail box, pink flooring, gray stairs and wall, separated by a pipe.

My green. my green my green my greennn.

Evening shot. Blue roll down metal gate, light blue door and tiles, behind two potted plants one with leaves in burgundy the other bright green.

Same scene different time with an iPhone. 🤔

Blue roll down metal gate, light blue door and tiles, behind two potted plants one with leaves in burgundy the other bright green.

Here be more copycat content.

Wired gate between floors on stair platforms. Dark gray handrails and pink steps.

More copycat attempts.

A cat sitting on stone road in front of an old Japanese building.

First stray that got my purse cat treats! ♥︎

Building with white, yellow, green tiles and outdoor AC units and plants growing around the outside wall.

A copycat I am.

A breakfast spread with congee, pickles, sauces, side dishes.

Good breakfast #2.

A breakfast spread with vegetables, pickles, spreadable, plates, bread, and drinks.

Good breakfast #1.

A cat sitting looking menacingly towards the camera behind a wired fence.

We lied to them with noises from a bag of human treat. They be angry.

A scooter parked in a parking space between two pillars with text reading “上佳 parking lot” and repeated text on the wall in different colors reading “members only” and pricing.

Unhinged writings.

A house with big windows and a car and a tree in front of it.

Want to live here.

Selfie on a black reflective surface.

I look tall. @sangusantu

An indoor greenhouse covered by white bug nets and housing chaffs with multiple exits.


Twig atop a mont of chaff in front of a ton of chaff.


Bruschetta, roasted vegetables, cold cuts and cheese plate, asparagus and scallops, steak.

Christmas eve with Miles & Alicia ♥︎

Zig zag shadows on steps of stairs.
Wooden paneled floor with shadows of monstera plant casted on it.

Perfect weather in Taipei right now.

Two green bowls each with one sweet rice dumpling in a white spoon, and a green mug with black coffee. All on a wooden table.

Winter solstice with 茉莉子 ♡

Kagami Mochi on a black and orange plate on a wooden shelf.

And the winner for Best Gift Giver of 2022 is… @kosamari!!! 🥰 (ref).

Green paneled walls, ball ceiling lights, arched windows and see through curtains.
Teal tiled house with a metal door, hexagon window, traditional taiwanese window frames, and an old tree.


Back mirror of a scooter and its shadow casting on a grey panel wall.
Entrance to a library with light blue walls and windows on both side and shadow on the floor.

Monica forced me to renew my library card.

Red velvet seats and balconies in a concert hall. At the back, the PA station can be seen.
projector screen of a scene from the puppet show the Storyville mosquito. On the bottom of the photo there is the actual models the projected.

The Storyville Mosquito by Kid Koala ♥︎

One pretzel and one pretzel stick side by side on a white plate on a stool.

These cuties ♡

A temple with sculptured columns, incense burning pit, lots of lanterns in the evening.

For health.

Shadow casted on a white tiled building with faded dark green strips and curved corners. Semicircle-shaped balconies. Clear blue sky.

♡ had a day that didn’t suck.

A very cute orange cat fiercely clawing at the cat toy teeth out.

@yinghanmeow, a… predator?

A very cute ginger cat sitting up focusing on a cat toy.

@yinghanmeow, an angel.

4 pretzels of different flavors. Salt, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed.

I think I did good. 👩🏻‍🍳

One salted pretzel.

Proper salt! Perfection!

Sunflower seed pretzel.

Kinda cute.

On a rainy day, a cat sheltering under scaffolding with wooden panels and blue wooden panels beneath him.

He had no intention to come to me. That’s OK.

A rocky beach and a pier under a cloudy sky.

Brighton Pier with the Hefsons!

shop sign reading cuttefish eco salons, a dark green building with black doors and brick pavement.

Good colors in Brighton.

A bowl of soupy udon noodles with bok choy, shrimp, tofu, carrot.

I miss proper 鍋焼きうどん. Still have that lingering cough.

A crow standing on top of the Joseph Beck memorial fountain and a dog standing by the side looking leftwards to its owners.

Animals are not part of the structure fyi.

Shakshuka (dish) with feta and green garnish in a metal pan.

With shakshuka in the menu, everything else dissipates.

A brutalist fire station with read doors and exposed concrete. A dog and a child appears on the edge of the photo.

All the brutalist buildings!

Bath soft cheese, canned mackerel, and canned crab pate on a stool, and salzstangen at the corner of the photo.

Gifts from @ericafustero ♥︎

Wine bar in a restaurant with black boards on a bricked white wall with wine selections and pendent lamps hanging from the ceiling.

St. John with the perfect carrots.

Hallway inside of a rounded structure with lights coming from the inner side of the circle and intense shadow.

Barbican again.

A black cat hiding behind plants looking straight at the camera.

♥︎ curious & skittish.

A black walking on a half wall looking directly at the camera.

Much love for black cat bbs ♥︎

Barcelona street art with bright blue background and a woman sitting on another woman with her back shaped like a string instrument, being played.

Being played.

Models of skirt frames from the 1600s to the 1800s. @ Barcelona

Waist and organs were optional body parts for women. At Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

White building internal with slopes going up and down between floors, white columns, and minimalist paintings on the front wall.

w/ :) at Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona Barcelona

Black and white photo of a building with long horizontal rectangle frames and mirroring wall.
Building with mirror and gird exterior creating slanted grid shadow on the floor. (black and white)
Old but pristine white residential building with exquisite exterior decor under a clear blue sky.

Best hosts as always Vicent & Mark.

A timeline of historical, international design, spanish design, and technological advancement events.

Coincidence? I think not???

Candle-lit dinner in an apartment with about 12 people with the chef explaining the food at the end of the table.

As luck would have it. ♥︎

Exterior of Real Fabrica, a roaster, with dark green window/door frames and white walls.

All my favorite colors.

Giant seemingly ancient paintings of naked women on a stairwell in a mall.

at Embaixada

A tiny cafe on a slope with pink external walls and white floor to ceiling window frames and blocks of grey panels.

“Yes this cafe is extremely Mu-An.” says Kasima. The owner was a graphic designer in his previous life :) At Dramático

A lawn with a few ducks chilling on it, in front of a brutalist building with text on the exterior wall that reads MUSEU CALOUSTE GULBENKIAN.


Green Hydrangea flower in focus with a white one out of focus in the foreground.

Neutral Hydrangea ♥︎ at Estufa Fria

A big green house perhaps about 4 stories tall, on the right side there’s a tiny human over looking all the plants.

A big green house, human for scale. In Estufa Fria.

Gigantic monstera leaves with holes the size of two fingers. Fingers at the corner of the shot for scale.

Monstera as promised. Fingers for scale. In Estufa Fria.

Tongue-like plant with berry-like fruits.

👅. In Estufa Fria.

Monstera wall behind a odd furry tree that I don’t know the name of.

A collection of Monstera photos to follow. In Estufa Fria.

different types of ferns covering the whole shot.

Prepare for a whole series of these. In Estufa Fria.

Selfie in from of a blurry mirror in a magazine store holding some books in my hand.

♥︎ At Under the cover

Brown door, bright blue sign, dark bluish green tiling, burgundy window frame and handrails, white trimmings.

So in love with all the color combinations here.

Shop from of Picanha a restaurant, featuring a dark green wide wooden door, with hand written sign. windows on the first floor featuring dark green rails.

One day I wish to live in a place with a green door. Picanha.

Guards in front of the parliament building in Lisbon wearing sunglasses and sneakers. A flight of stairs in the foreground, two pillars in between the two guards.

🕶️ & 👟 São Bento Palace

Shop window displays of canned seafood with colorful illustrations. Outside of the window there are two planters of flowers.

Would it be ridiculous of me to bring back cans of fish in my luggage?

Wide black doors on the side of the street with black walls creating a contrast to the nearby white and pink buildings.

Good walls

A statue in the center of the photo with seatings designed by Arne Jacobsen (Ant chairs) in front of it.


View from a park towards a building with blue and white tiles on the ground floor and pink on the first.
Teal tiled 2-story building with tall windows and outside AC units.
A light box that says Frangasqueira Nacional on a wall in a restaurant with plants and artwork as decorations.

Frangasqueira Nacional

Selfie in the reflection of a framed painting in a hotel room with green walls and green throws.

Portuguese green ✌🏼 At Hoxton.

sunset in london, pink to purple gradient, street lamps in a distance.

Avoided all the rain and got all the sun today. ♥︎

An archway connecting buildings with glass panels and black metal structure.

State of the Browser 2022 ♥︎ Barbican Center.

A conservatory with tropical plants spanning across 4 stories.

Finally. Barbican Center.

A restaurant across the street with blue doors, big windows, row of potted plants.

Cold air, coffee, friends. I miss everything.

London underground carriage wall in a repeated arch pattern.

◡ ◡ ◡ ◡ ◡ ◡ ◡ ◡ ◡

A cat walking on a half wall towards the camera in the foreground and in the background there’s just trash.

This is out of focus but I like it and like a cat that came to me for pets.

Multi-story modernist residential building with exposed concrete and steel reinforcements with steel and big horizontal windows spanning across each room.

2 Willow Road by Ernö Goldfinger. (National Trust)

The back of a woman wearing a raincoat with black jeans and flats looking at a pug walking from the left side of the photo, in front of modernist building.

@jlord and dog.

Two houses side by side one in light teal, one in ruddy brown.

Modern House

squirrel, bushes, signs.

One squirrel.

Bangkok airport ceiling arch.

Kinda miss this transfer too.

Skylight shadow casting on the floor with two red floor markings.

The red dots symbolize how stressed out I am about this trip (compartmentalized).

New growth on a chopped off Monstera root.

An exciting development.

Excoecaria cochinchinensis.

Nature! How!

Three Knieküchle on a plate.

For them I am willing to get burnt again and even get a fryer.

Pitaya grows blooms and overgrew over a brick wall.

OMG dragon fruit grows from a cactus?! ♥︎

Building with slanted roof and curved ceiling and archway

衛武營|National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)

Cat with orange back sitting body facing the camera but looking towards the far right side, and a black cat walking away, in front of a fence with plants poking out.

Favorite photo of the year maybe.

Drummer, bassist, DJ, saxophonist on a dimmed stage.

Fun show with audience participation through mobile web and AR!

Train time tables, shadow on the floor from the skylight windows, lots of travelers walking by.

要去高雄 ♥︎

Country side car pathway leading up to a gate, to the right of the pathway there seems like a stone dog I can’t tell.


Potted plants on a brick road with plants growing from the cracks.


Clear blue sky, mountain in the background and trees in the front.

Came to bother my friend’s family again. 35°C.

Brunch spread with bread and cold cuts.

Got more compliments from a pro baker ♥︎ Kümmelstangen got love.

Trees in front of a restaurant.

Greenery in Taipei is out of control #3.

Lots of plants on two sides of a tiny alley including in the alley.

Greenery in Taipei is out of control #2.

Lots of plants in front of a shopfront (not a plant shop) from floor to ceiling.

Greenery in Taipei is out of control #1.

Two sanma nigiri, one with pickle onion, another with ginger and green onion.

サンマ ♥︎ loooooooooove.

Duo candle warmer lamp by KIMU Design on a stool by two books against a concrete wall.

Sneak peak. :)

A cow patterned cat lays on a chair looking directly at the camera.

Dobby sits next to me and stares.

Man sitting on a stool intently watching something inside of a narrow storefront with an extra large traditional good fortunate poster behind him.

Stinky tofu!

Rainy Taipei, blue roll-up door, orange bin, sky blue bike, wet asphalt.

“You live in a very local neighborhood.”

A crumble pie on a plate stuffed with pineapple and roselle.

A traditional German style(???) Ananasstreuselkuchen mit Hibiskus.

10 types of flour arranged in no particular order on three stool.


woman holding a bag of brezeln and kümmelstangen.

Yumi holding all the bread!

Pretzels with pumpkin and sunflower seeds on a baking tray.

Seeds seeds seeds.

5 pretzels on a baking tray.

Look at these beauties.



A brunch spread. Kümmelstangen, brezeln, assorted fruits, veggies, cold cuts, coffee.

Siri, play the playlist on Spotify called “having brunch in a European café”

A close-up of a tree fern.

筆筒樹 aka Flying Spider-Monkey tree ferm???

A man and a woman both holding a breadstick in front of the kitchen on a dining table.

A couple discussing the deliciousness of Kümmelstangen with considerable enthusiasm.

Two women and a man using chopsticks to pick up cooked food out of a pot.

“Hey let’s take a ShutterStock photo.“ people eating hot pot at home.

Top down shot of a hot pot with platters of vegetable and meat and one single woman’s hand holding a pair of chopsticks.

Hot pot at mine!

kümmelstangen on a baking tray ready to go into an oven.

I am really getting the hang of this. I am!!!!

Woman wearing a yellow dress standing in front of a row of bright yellow chairs.

“We grew, in spite of everything.”

platters of braised meat, vegetables, bread, and grilling equipments.

I bribed friends with bread to get into this exclusive barbecue party.

Me taking a selfie in front of a traffic mirror shouldering a squash bag.

Copying new friend Erica Fuestero.

5 pretzels on a wooden plank on top of a stainless steel counter with dried flower bouquets as decorations.


Close-up shot of a row of Kümmelstangen.

Be better.

Four kümmelstangen on a baking tray.

I gave it my best.
“Looks lovely.”
Does lovely mean looking like what a Kümmelstangen should look like?
“Yes, I think they look very authentic.”

One way street with tall trees along both sides and cars parked on one side on a sunny day.
Mirror selfie between a friend and I in a dimly lit coffee shop.

Step 1. Meet for coffee / Step 2. Talk for 5 hours / Step 3. Take a long stroll through the city park. ♥︎

Across the road a view of the outside wall of CKS memorial hall in Taipei which have bright blue ledge trimmings.

The blue.

Plate of pretzels, four original, three sesame.

More pretzels nobody asked for.

Basket of Kümmelstangen. Not very well made but OK.


A Joss Paper Drag Boat looking majestic.

Burn money to receive money. Checks out.

Entrance to Cimetière militaire français de Keelung. Lots of trees, modest entrance with signs in both French and Mandarin.

“Wait, how does this has anything to do with us?” - Two people bad at history, in front of Cimetière militaire français de Keelung. Sino-French War

View of the East China Sea from the North East point of Taiwan. Just ocean and a blue sky.

嚨洞 (Nâ-tāng). Facing a bunch of waters.

Clear sky, power lines, blue deep blue ocean. The Keelung coastline.

For a few hours I focused on how nice it’d be to not drown instead.

Tiger Spring couplets captioned “two tigers” (nursery rhyme derived from Frère Jacques) plastered on a dry wall with various coats of monochrome paint and a pipe crossing the wall diagonally, some intelligible graffiti, and a couple-stories tall tree connecting all the way up to the tree grown on the roof of the building.

Taiwanese mix-match at work.

An old building named “new wonder company” with contemporary window illustrations and overgrow blossoming blushes on its side.

中山: too hip, too many girlies.

An no entry sign hidden behind bushes.

Shy no entry sign.

A giant Banyan tree stood on one side of a pavement with its branches extending and covering the top half of the photo.

5 massive Banyan trees in this tiny dead end alley way?! Taipei Tree Preservation Program #1633

A piece of paper with the text “Slippery Pavement” attached to a traffic cone on the edge of a tiny playground on a sunny day. There’s also an empty park bench.

Slippery pavement.

Roof of a white finely tiled building with overgrown trees against a blue sky backdrop. Power lines, scattered clouds.

I decided it is OK to just post a photo of the sky here.

Overhead shot of three pretzels, one covered in sesame, one covered in pumpkin seeds, and one lightly salted, in a row on a irregularly shaped wooden board, on top of a dark walnut stool.

I baked Pretzels.

Exit 1 of the Tamsui MRT station in New Taipei City during the day with skylight and shadow falling onto the red brick walls and pillars and people hanging around in the background.


A small waterfall in focus in the background, blurred lush greeneries in the foreground.

Smell of sulfur.

Interior space featuring smooth white walls, curved corners, and soft shadows.

At Taichung National Theater for the Hiroki Nishiyama exhibition.

Upward shot of a building exterior featuring smooth gray walls and white inset areas under a gray sky.

National Taichung Theater.

Exterior of a structure with gray walls and white curved inset area linking into french windows.

National Taichung Theater.

An aged dark green wooden panel, with a white poster reading Portrait, Yuktamura Solo Exhibition, stood in the front yard of a small, old, white structure.

One of my favorite spot in Taichung: 綠光+ marutë.

A sign read Petit été under a clear blue sky.

Haven’t been here for 6 years.

Four women and a man talking around at a table in a restaurant with one woman in standing in an apron.

Conversations with friends™.

Top down shot of a restaurant bar counter with a single staff working on food, and four women customers sitting in front of finished bowls of phos.

Petit été. ♥︎

Various electric paper lamps and room dividers in an atmospheric setting.

KIMU Design.

A lamp designed by KIMU Design in a dimly lit room floating above a leather couch.

KIMU Design.

On a corner of a street there sat three gray transformer boxes with grimacing faces drawn on them.


Two road reflecting mirrors on the pavement with signs reading “beware”.


A sculpture, of giant golden hand holding what looks like aluminum rods or straws floating in space, on the side of a finely tiled building in white.

Straws, anyone?

Workers covered head to toe mowing grass under the MRT lines.


Top of an old residential building with rusted iron structure and a row of lively potted plants. Bright sunny day.


A woman wearing a scooter helmet buying fish from a vendor with bright yellow and green tarp.

Fish vendor.

A small dog with its tongue out on bright blue leash.

Dog is hot.

Sunny day. Entrance to a traditional market in Taipei, with street vendors, greeneries, and a arch named after a temple.

Beitou Kinlung Market.