Mu-An Chiou

A software designer and engineer. Makes modest websites.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan. Previous home bases include New York, London, and Birmingham, UK.

As recent as July 5, self-employed. Sleeps, knits, learns German, and sometimes bakes bread. Currently making plans to live in Berlin part-time.



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a row of windows each with one potted plant in them, with brown trimmings and white wall a train station with a bench, a clock, and a ticker reading, we ride with pride. a concrete building made of giant blocks with relatively small windows. a worship place with chairs and a cross, surrounded by high concrete walls and ceiling height windows. a concrete building with a tree against grayish sky

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a lone plastic chair in a overgrown garden two balloons joined together flying in the sky with trees in the foreground a pile of plastic chairs on a white boxy structure a white swan approaching me a VW white van parked on a brick road


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Latest: July 12, 2024

Corporate feminism is the death of all women who want to stay an IC.

So tired of managerial women who only manage up and not down. Blocking growth of their reports for their personal gains. Cultivating a male managerial ally is way easier than trying to get a corporate feminist to give a shit about us.

Talk is worthless.