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  • 2013 ~ Web Systems Engineer at GitHub, previously Product Designer
  • 2011 ~ Cofounder of 嘖嘖

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    Skhizein by Jérémy Clapin- still my all time favorite animate short

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    um it is perhaps alarming how well I think github.com/muan represents my life and my identity

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    我擁有的都是僥倖,我失去的都是人生/All I’ve gotten was by luck. All I’ve lost was part of life.” Luck and fluke are both such insufficient words for 僥倖. Just like 青春 has no real English counterparts.

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    [deleted salty note on people reporting bugs on twitter and via direct messages]

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    I was shocked to see more and more Taiwanese people, who know little about US politics, liking the GOP and people like Ted Cruz. Then I recently found out it is because they are the ones in the US Congress lifting Taiwan’s status up for the democratic nation it is, inviting President Tsai to visit and speak against PRC’s wishes, pushing for bills to establish official relationships between the US and Taiwan. Intentions matter, but what can Taiwanese people take from the silence of the Dems?

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