Mu-An Chiou

A software designer and engineer, making modest websites.

Based in Berlin, Germany. Previous home bases include New York, London, and Birmingham, UK.



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Brick building with arched windows and archways with bright red doors and the Berlin Fire Brigade logo. a building with decorative tiles in beige and dark green. trees and a parking sign in the foreground. shadows of benches and window decorations at a tram station a shopping cart on top of a tall concrete tower. A cat staring at a distance.

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a bird and a squirrel eating and standing on a ledge a small Eurasian magpie on a wooden ledge a squirrel on a wood fence a formosan blue magpie perched on a fence looking menacing plates of dessert, tea, and coffee on a table by a window with greenery outside


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Latest: May 23, 2024

Friend: how is everything?
Me: everything’s going swimmingly!
Friend: oh that’s so great! have you been enjoying the weather?
Me: well no. everything’s great except I got Covid and cough myself awake 6 times per night.

Friend: do you need help?
Me: No.
Friend: it wouldn’t be a big deal really. I have nothing to do.
Me: please bring me these 4 items thanks. how may I repay you?

What is my diagnosis?