Mu-An Chiou

A software engineer. I like making modest websites.

I lived in New York, London, and Birmingham for some years. Now I am based in Taipei, Taiwan.



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Tiled brown building, anti-theft windows, paneled housing, trees, a bird that’s not in focus. Hallway with arched gates to the courtyard and sun casted shadows in arched shapes in a row. Chained no parking stop signs with black frames and yellow graphic in front of a finely tiled building in beige. A bidirectional street with huge trees separating the lanes and monstera growing at the start. A big ish tree on a park path, on a sunny as the sun casted down through the leaves.


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Latest: February 03, 2023

And I said to my therapist, “I am all good! Actually so good that I must see you regularly from now on.”