Mu-An Chiou

A software designer and engineer, making modest websites.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan. Previous home bases include New York, London, and Birmingham, UK.



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old buildings in taipei with stone façade and walkways occupied by scooters. brick walls with asphalt pathway down to a basement parking lot. few small trees grew along the wall. small square tiles made of shades of green, white strips. A tree, banana leaves, wooden fence. street shot, asphalt, shopfront with lots of potted plants, a row of color plant pots on the second floor, finely tiled beige building. lots of plants over growing out of a window sill.


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Latest: March 28, 2023

step one: learn to say no
step two: learn to say no and stand your ground
step three: learn to still say no after someone you care about said yes on your behalf
step four: learn to stand your ground when that someone you care about try to emotionally blackmail you into saying yes