Mu-An Chiou

A software designer and engineer, making modest websites.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan. Previous home bases include New York, London, and Birmingham, UK.



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An orchestra and conductor at the center of the stage at the closing of a performance an aged white and red sign on a closed storefront a white building with a railing a large crane and containers a hill with KEELUNG signs on it under a cloudy blue sky

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a hallway with white walls and a tile floor A ruin a train in a station a building with persony windows against a blue sky a inside of a dimly lit traditional market


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Latest: December 9, 2023

I see a number of you supported that I just stay in Taiwan and get cat or two; this is instead of traveling around (not possible with cats) and find out what’s possible out there.

Completely unscientifically, like this note if you support I continue to not get cats and go fuck around and find out what’s out there. Because apparently 10 years away from Taiwan wasn’t enough.