Mu-An Chiou


June-July 2023 (Liked.)Like?
Kodak Ektar with Fujifilm 200 (29/72)

Taipei, Taichung, and Tokyo.

A shiba laying on the floor with its butt facing the camera in a furniture store
An outdoor swimming pool against a background of mountain range
A dining table with decorations, vases, candles.
Trash pile on the street of Tokyo
A clinic in Tokyo with a fish bowl as a logo
Yamato delivery truck
An orange arrow sign pointing up and a person with worker attire
A bike parked in front of a building
A selfie in a traffic mirror in Tokyo
Flower pedals on the ground
Four traffic cones in front of a white metal door
A broken do not park here signage
Scooter plate reading AW-76
Plant and pink leaves
Dark green metal entrance and a scooter
A playground in park with blue against white wavy visual
Scooters in front an old building and a graffiti of The Farcebook
Store shop with posters up front reading, room for rent, and another reading, no money no food? free rice here.
A bright yellow statue with a sticker on the crutch area
White raddish and huge green onions in a local market
Eggplants, tomatoes, carrots, onions in a market
Shot of a grocery store with a lot of old school toys
A dog with its tounge out in a grocery store
A sign for cheap fruit with the stickered text peeling off
Toy grabbing machine with duck plushies
A road in Taipei with cloudy sky
A stack of colorful plastic container in front of Mrs. Su's thousand years egg.
Tree overgrown from inside a parking garage

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