Mu-An Chiou


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Kodak Ektar with Vibe MAX 400. (22/58)


a train on the tracks.
a room with a lamp and a table
a walkway with a railing and a light in the distance
a sign reading Takao Ginza next to a plant
a cat on a brick wall
an orange cat lying on a brick wall
a group of cats sitting on a sidewalk, one yawning, and two women talking behind them
a cat sitting on a brick wall
a woman feeding a litter of kittens on a brick patio
a person kneeling on a brick sidewalk feeding cats
a wall with posters and a sign reading Tailoring on it
a neon sign reading Wine Market at night
a person walking in a dark alley with a neon sign for Wine Market above them
a white textile sign reading Ginza Gathering Place and a hand sanitizer machine
a street with a sign for Blue White Qipao Expert on it
a building bridges and hallways with minimum skylights
a man riding a scooter on the street wearing a helmet with a big Hello Kitty sticker
a cat standing next to a traffic cone with its mouth open wide
a person wearing a blue dress holding a blue umbrella on a sidewalk
a person wearing a blue dress holding a blue umbrella taking a photo of a manhole cover

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