Mu-An Chiou


April-May 2023 (Liked.)Like?
Kodak Ektar with Kodak Ultra Max 400. (20/72)

And it's getting closer together.

On a sunny day, a bright blue tennis wall, and a tennis court across a fence.
On a sunny day, finely tiled buildings, a big tree, a small tree, and a bright orange traffic cone.
Trees, traffic mirror, run down building of 4 stories.
Trees inside of a walled area, traffic lights and road sign.
Redish orange ixora bush.
Woman squatting in front of a cat on a board taking pictures.
Light bleed on the right, flowers growing out of buildings and potted plants on the street.
A parked cargo bike marked with
Sunset. Batches of orange no parking signs placed by a building.
Zebra crossing, scooters roaming by.
Sunset, buildings, pedestrian bridge, cars and scooters zoom by.
White finely tiled building with rounded corners and a tall bridge.
White doves eating things on the pavement.
A parked car with a banner hanging on top of it, covering the driver's side. Banner reads some complaints about the judiciary systems.
A cat standing on top of a scooter trying to eat from hands that are feeding her from below.
Two woman smiling in a restaurant.
A woman just ate something and is shocked by how hot it was.
A woman wearing a mask hugging a pillow whose pattern matches the colors of her dress.
Cat standing between a tarp roof and a metal platform. Plants cover her face.
Hand holding a paper bag reading WE ARE SUPER GOODMAN, DAILY COFFEE & SELECTIONS.

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