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April 2023 (Liked.)Like?
Kodak Ektar with Vibe 400 Black and White (35/72)

Hey this wasn't so bad. I picked over 50% of them.

Women gathering around a table.
At this party I drank my first red sparkling and liked it.
View of mountains from a balcony with table, chair, and plant.
Taipei is surrounded by mountains, and we each pick one to live by.
A toilet in the gutter by a building.
Art installation? Art installation.
A cat sitting on a low wall within crowded residential buildings.
Squint and you'd see a cat.
A masked cat sitting and looking at the camera.
This cat.
A masked cat looking at the camera from within a walled garden.
This cat is very cute and... big.
Pots of tomato plants.
My tomatoes are thriving.
Pot of pothos in a bowl on top of a shelve.
A small cat eating out of a bowl on a thin platform.
They were very skittish.
A big black dog sitting outside of a store.
Good dog.
My hair obscuring my hand facing the camera.
I like to ask my hand "why?"
Man squatting down and writing on a book on the floor.
I forgot why Kevin had to write my guestbook on the floor.
Finely tiled building and a bike parked inside.
This one looks better with colors.
Hand holding a Simit.
First Simit. I already think I can do better.
Noodles and tofu.
Long lines for oyster/pork intestine rice noodles.
Cat walking in front of a row of scooters.
New friend, works at the police station.
Cat standing by a scooter.
Her name is Shiao-Hua.
Cat out of focus, standing close to the camera.
She catches mice and lives in the police station.
Cat standing on a wall with its tail high up.
Her tail is split as if she had a thumb.
Cat sitting on top of a tarped roof below a steel structure.
You see my reflection here.
A traffic cone reading Shiao Lai, a breakfast place.
Best brekky spot in the neighborhood.
Cat sleeping on the ground outside on a sunny day under a tree.
Shiao-Hua chilling.
Geese by a pond.
I fed them cat food. They liked it.
A wall of film rolls, and a sign reading SNAPPP.
A small alley way with sign saying in case of fire please keep the alleys clear of objects.
Alleys are great.
A bowl of socks on a scooter.
I too like to buy all the same socks.
A building with sign reading Taipei Guan Dong Association.
Hard to make peace with this.
A shiba dog on the sidewalk.
Good dog.
An old, run down building with banners reading 'Protest! The government is attaching civil rights.
Wish I knew what you were complaining about.
Split image of a hand touching a cat, and a blurred image of a cat.
Cat rolling around on the ground.
Shiao-Hua enjoying life #1.
Cat rolling around on the ground.
Shiao-Hua enjoying life #2.
Cat rolling around on the ground.
Shiao-Hua enjoying life #3.
Cat sitting afar by a scooter.
Shaio-Hua had enough of us.

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