Mu-An Chiou


March 2023 (Liked.)Like?
Kodak Ektar with Vibe MAX 400 (13/54)

Felix encouraged me to go old school and take some film photos.

A real life sized Suzuki Jimny with a Tomika logo
I shrank myself.
Sunlight reflecting off a tiled building with a slated roof, curved corners, circular windows
A floor lantern and a vase with yellow, purple, pink flowers. A TV on the wall.
Dachaing gave me flowers.
The outside wall of a Chinese style temple.
A short-haired woman eating a pretzel.
Late night Taipeh Brezel Club gathering.
A masked woman waving her hand in front of her face, wearing a puffer jacket and loose clothing.
Taipeh Brezel Club drop.
An instax camera and a photo. 6 kummelstangen on a wooden board.
A black and white floor shop sign that says art, books, cafe, pon ding
Unbeatable shop in Taipei.
A bonsai tree and running water between white walls and greenery.
The light is magical.
A small pot of pilea and a candle burning in a sunset lighting.
Warming an apartment.
Fuzzy photo largely gray with red light bleeding on the right edge.
Fuzzy photo of rows of colored textile and a pile of yarn.
Lucky who?
Two tufting canvas

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