Mu-An Chiou


Best friend from high school drummer G. I played bass. It has been over 1 year since we last talked.

Me: (bunch of Drumeo videos)
G: I happened to have seen all of these
Me: this one is new and the best (link)
G: P good right? I’m at the hospital. can’t play sound.
Me: Mom?
G: Nah my knee blew up. Just had surgery.
Me: How?
G: Fell. Big time.
Me: scooter?
G: Walking. Dumb af.
Me: Wat?! take care.
G: just so fucking stupid.
Me: I’m in Berlin. COVID. Watching YouTube at home.
G: Isolation still?
Me: nah I just truly feel crap.
G: oh. Take care you too.
Me: last time I had feet surgery I was on bed rest for 3 months. Remember to move those muscles. I lost full range but at least it hurt no more.
G: yea serious stuff. Pain management first.
Me: Yup.

This is the vibe. We ride or die. 🤞

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