Mu-An Chiou


A introduced me to B when she was briefly back to Taiwan. I didn’t talk much at the party because I don’t enjoy crowds nor alcohol. I made an excuse to leave and met B by the restrooms. We talked for a long time, and really vibed. B confessed later, “My girlfriend (C) taught me all that. I am just reciting words. You two would really get along.”

I met C and we were definitely on the same wavelength. I ended up hanging with B & C a bunch.

A finally met C the other day, and she told me C couldn’t stop talking about how great I am and how much she likes me. B was almost jealous, saying C and I could make a better couple. I said “wow I really thought they were only hanging around because I am the depressed friend you assigned to them. They were so nice to let me third-wheel their outings frequently.”

Anyways. Remember my review on Baby Reindeer? I empathize with Martha so much.

I wonder if/how I can grow? into the character that is loved and appreciated by my friends.

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