Mu-An Chiou


Therapy notes: (oversharing much ain’t I?)

As the meds continue to cause troubles my therapist tried to go at this from a stress angle. Who am I to be stressed as a jobless financially-freeish person? I guess I do stress about how insomnia and depression both seem to be here to stay and how I must do all the right things so when clueless people give me suggestions I can say: “I did that. I am still doing it. It’s not helping. Please stop.”

She pointed out that I don’t seem to be prioritizing the right things. She was right.

Right after I canceled a few social plans to give myself more breathing room which helped a little. Almost canceled my squash session, but it was too much work to refund and I couldn’t be bothered. Thankfully my goofy squash instructor made me laugh and drove me home afterwards.

That’ll be all.

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