Mu-An Chiou


CW: depression/suicide/familylong story short, after evading my family for more than a month for my mental health, I finally caved due to the pestering and was told that 1. I don’t have a strong bound with them because I chose to leave Taiwan (first suicide attempt) 2. I could have stayed and be happy if only I wasn’t so weak (second suicide attempt) 3. my bro stills thinks I am fat and ugly and the selfie I posted for voting must have been heavily edited since I’m fugly IRL; he who also said I was so ugly that I need not to go out and scare people since I was 10 and that it’d be hard pressed for me to ever find love just a few years ago. Supposedly I am to accept this as their unique expression of love? Is this what love can look like? Anyways I held their hand, smiled, and said I am doing my best, and please just give me space when I said I need it.

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