Mu-An Chiou


After seeing Gewandhausorchester Leipzig tonight my 55 years old Uber driver grilled me lol. Asking who I saw, what they played, how was the soundscape where I sat.

He said he loves music and I said “I noticed you have some pretty new artists on your list I was surprised.” He said he’s disappointed at the youth for paying thousands of NTD (1-300 USD) seeing good for nothing young Taiwanese artists, and I LOLed and said “I agree. I wouldn’t see those artists you mentioned either.” Then he said “Even Coldplay! now at Kaohsiung.” lolllllll “yeahhh I wont see them live either.”

Then I told him 久石譲 (Joe Hisaishi) is coming next month and it’s fully sold out. He doesn’t get the hype and I explained that he had to go watch some Ghibli films. He said he likes jazz, blues, R&B more, and even liked rappers some random young AI-focused DJ (???) recommended. One on his list is also Post Malone. LOL.
I ended up telling him to check out Masego and Cory Wong. He liked them immediately.

Never thought I’d end my night seeking musical validation from my old Uber driver.

He said he was so glad to have driven me for his last ride of the night and got some new music. I was glad too!

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