Mu-An Chiou


I went to see Raid on Taihoku the musical today. It hits different this time around. I’ve played the board game and the video game both by a friend of mine. It hits different this time because of all the de-colonization talks I’ve been having with middle eastern friends. It weights so heavy.

Few months ago I met the old man who was drafted to be on the Kamikaze unit but happened to dodged it as the war ended right then, running a bookstore n Kaohsiung now. History is so close.

The Taihoku Air Raid, known as Operation Wildfire, by British and Commonwealth military forces that took place on 31 May 1945, was the largest Allied air raid on the city of Taihoku (modern-day Taipei), then under Japanese colonial rule, during World War II. Many residents were killed in the raid and tens of thousands wounded or displaced.

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