Mu-An Chiou


need to book a bus ticket, need to confirm training session next week, need to put these flowers into vases, need to water my plants, need to file taxes, need to unload my dishwasher, need to put out cat food, need to read these two books so I won’t have to borrow them again and again also so that I can get on to books that I actually need to read, need to package a bday present, need to clean up the counter so I can bake things again, need to wash the dishes, need to take a shower, need to make an appointment, need to read those emails, need to reply to some texts, need to get a dehumidifier, need to track down a package, need to mail those packages, need to move my cloth off my bed and maybe don’t sleep on the couch forever, need to go to a chinese med clinic to find out why I have been so exhausted, need to arrange a health checkup, need to find gifts for friends’ house warmings, need to recycle that pile of cardboard boxes. or do I? maybe I need to open a can of highball, keep doing nothing, and sleep at 10pm. at least I wrote this down.

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