Mu-An Chiou


Untold herstory / 流麻溝十五號 / Lô͘-môa kau cha̍p gō͘ hō (2022): Give it a chance if you’re interested in recent Taiwanese history. This can be shorter but I didn’t mind that much. Dad participated in their crowdfunding campaign so I got the three books that came with the tickets. Color me very excited to be further radicalized! lol

Also, I’m very interested in films about recent history in other countries, if anyone has suggestions!

Much will be lost on the international audiences this movie eventually reaches—the different languages and accents on Green Island (Taiyu, Japanese, Shandong-mandarin, Zhejiang-mandarin) will go in one Anglophone ear and out the other, for example—but that’s probably okay. Lured by its beauty, audiences who know little about Taiwan will learn a great deal about a “Free China” that was anything but “free” or “China”.
Taiwan’s Founding Mothers?: Untold Herstory, by Jennifer Ruth

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