How Can We Win, transcript(中文)|

06 Jun 2020
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On Saturday May 30th filmmaker and photographer David Jones of David Jones Media felt compelled to go out and serve the community in some way. He decided to use his art to try and explain the events that were currently impacting our lives. On day two, Sunday the 31st, he activated his dear friend author Kimberly Jones to tag along and conduct interviews. During a moment of downtime he captured these powerful words from her and felt the world couldn’t wait for the full length documentary, they needed to hear them now.

Translated transcripts below:

00:06 so  
00:08 I have been seeing a lot things, talking 我看到了很多人在發表評論
00:10 of the people making commentary  
00:13 interestingly enough the ones I’ve 這些評論很多都剛好來自有錢的黑人
00:16 noticed I’ve been making the commentary  
00:17 are wealthy black people making the  
00:19 commentary about you should not be 這些人說你不應該暴動
00:23 rioting you should not be looting you 你不應該搶劫
00:25 should not be tearing up our own 你不應該破壞你自己的社群
00:26 communities  
00:27 and then there’s been an argument of the 也有另一種意見
00:29 other side of we should be hitting them 說我們應該要攻擊他們的荷包
00:32 in the pocket we should be focusing on 我們應該要著重在 blackout days
00:34 the blackout days where we don’t spend 在這些日子不要消費
00:35 money but you know I feel like we should 但我的看法是我們應該要都做
00:39 do both and I feel like I support both  
00:41 and I’ll tell you why I support both I 讓我告訴你為什麼
00:43 support both because when you 我支持都做
00:47 have a civil unrest like this there are 因為這種公民不服從的運動發生時
00:49 three types of people in the streets 有三種人會上街
00:50 there are the protesters there are the 有想要抗議的人
00:53 rioters and there are the looters the 有想要暴動的人 有想要搶劫的人
00:55 protesters are there because they 想抗議的人上街因為他們重視這個議題
00:56 actually care about what is happening in  
00:59 the communities they want to raise their 他們想要發聲
01:01 voices and they’re there strictly to 他們只想要和平的抗議
01:02 protest you have the rioters who are 然後想要暴動的人
01:04 angry who are anarchy who really just 這些人非常生氣 他們完全不信任體制
01:06 want to fuck shit up and that’s what 他們只想要破壞
01:09 they’re gonna do regardless and then you 因為不信任體制 他們只想要破壞
01:10 have the looters and the looters almost 然後有想要搶劫的人
01:13 exclusively are just there to do that to 他們只想要趁亂打劫
01:16 loot now people are like what did you 現在大家問了 趁亂打劫讓你得到了什麼
01:18 gain well what did you get from looting  
01:20 I think that as long as we’re focusing 如果我們只注意在搶劫能得到什麼
01:23 on the what we’re not focusing on the 我們就沒有考慮他們為什麼要搶劫
01:25 why and that’s my issue with that as 「為什麼」就是問題所在
01:28 long as we’re focusing on what they’re 一直追究於得到了什麼
01:29 doing we’re not focusing on why they’re 就忽視了他們做這件事情的原因
01:31 doing and some people are like well 然後有些人就說了
01:33 those aren’t people who are legitimately 這些人根本不是想要社會正義
01:35 angry about what’s happening those are  
01:36 people who just want to get stuff ok 這些人只想要偷錢偷東西
01:38 well then let’s go with that let’s say 好 就說是好了
01:40 that’s what it is let’s ask ourselves 那我們得問問自己
01:42 why in this country in 2020 the 為什麼在這個國家 都已經 2020 年了
01:45 financial gap between poor blacks and 窮苦的黑人和所有其他的人的貧富差距
01:48 the rest of the world is at such a  
01:50 distance that people feel like their 這麼的懸殊 懸殊到他們覺得
01:52 only hope and only opportunity to get 唯一的希望 唯一能夠得到這些物質
01:54 some of the things that we flaunt and 這些我們一整天吊在他們眼前炫耀的物質的機會
01:56 flash in front of them all the time is  
01:58 to walk through a broken glass window 就是走過這些碎玻璃窗 然後用搶的
01:59 and get it they are so hopeless that 他們完全沒有希望到一個程度 覺得
02:02 getting that necklace getting that TV 想要得到這個項鍊
02:04 getting that change getting that bag 得到這些錢 這個包包
02:06 getting that phone whatever it is 得到那支手機
02:07 they’re gonna get is that in that moment 唯一的機會就是
02:09 when the riots happened and if they 趁著暴動的時機
02:11 present an opportunity of looting that’s 進去冒險搶劫
02:14 their only opportunity to get it we need 我們需要做的是探討為什麼他們會窮到這個程度
02:17 to be questioning that why why are  
02:19 people that poor why are people that 窮到他們對餵飽自己不安
02:22 broke why are people that that food  
02:25 -insecured that clothing-insecured that 對有沒有錢買衣服不安
02:28 they feel like their only shot that they 不安到他們必須要趁亂
02:30 are shooting their shot by walking 冒險犯法
02:33 through a broken glass window to get 冒險走過被砸碎的玻璃窗去得到他們需要的東西
02:34 what they need and then people want to 然後大家又要說了
02:36 talk about well there’s plenty of people who pulled themselves 為什麼這麼多人可以白手起家
02:38 up by bootstraps and got it on their own 可以靠自己努力賺錢
02:41 why can’t they do that let me explain to 他們不行
02:43 you something about economics in America 現在讓我跟你解釋一下美國的經濟體制
02:45 and I’m so glad that as a child I got an 我很幸運我很年輕的時候
02:47 opportunity to spend time at PUSH where 有機會進到 PUSH
02:49 they taught me this is that we must 他們教導我必須永遠記得
02:51 never forget that economics was the 經濟發展是最初黑人被帶來美國的原因
02:53 reason that black people were brought to  
02:55 this country we came to do the 我們被迫在南方做農業的勞力
02:57 agricultural work in the south and the 在北方做紡織的勞力
02:59 textile work in the north do you  
03:03 understand that that’s what we came to 了解嗎
03:05 do we came to do the agricultural work 我們被迫在南方做農業的勞力
03:07 in the south and the textile work in the 在北方做紡織的勞力
03:09 north now if I’m right now if I right 假設我現在跟你說我們來玩大富翁
03:13 now decided that I wanted to play  
03:15 Monopoly with you and for 400 rounds of 大富翁前面四百回合你都一毛錢也不能有
03:18 playing Monopoly I didn’t allow you to  
03:20 have any money I didn’t allow you to 你不可以參與
03:22 have anything on the board I didn’t 不可以擁有任何東西
03:24 allow for you to have anything and then  
03:27 we played another 50 rounds of Monopoly 然後我們再玩五十回合
03:29 and everything that you gained and 這五十回合所有你得到
03:31 you earned while you were playing that 賺到的東西
03:32 round of Monopoly was taken from you 我們全部都要沒收
03:35 that was Tulsa that was Rosewood 這就是 Tulsa 大屠殺Rosewood 大屠殺
03:37 those are places where we 這兩個地方
03:39 built black economic wealth where we 是黑人白手起家做了自給自足的經濟體系
03:41 were self-sufficient where we owned our 我們擁有自己的社群 自己的店家
03:43 stores where we owned our property and 自己的房地產
03:45 they burn them to the ground so that’s 然後被他們一把火燒光
03:49 450 years so for 400 這樣子總共四百五十年
03:53 rounds of monopoly you don’t get to play 在那四百回合的大富翁 你不只不能玩
03:54 at all not only do you not get to play 你必須要幫你的對手玩
03:57 you have to play on the behalf of the  
03:59 person that you’re playing against you  
04:02 have to play and make money and earn 賺到所有的錢都要給他們
04:03 wealth for them and then you have to  
04:05 turn it over to them so then for 50 然後接下來五十回合你終於得到一點自由
04:08 years you finally get a little bit and  
04:10 you’re allowed to play and every time 你可以玩
04:12 that they don’t like the way that you’re 但每次對手不喜歡你的玩法
04:14 playing or that you’re catching up or 或不喜歡你有點要追上了
04:16 that you’re doing something to be 或不喜歡你開始自己獨當一面了
04:17 self-sufficient they burn your game they 他就把卡牌全部燒掉
04:20 burn your cards they burn your Monopoly 把你的大富翁鈔票全部燒掉
04:23 money and then finally at the release 然後好不容易終於他們說好
04:26 and the onset of that they allow you to 現在你可以玩了
04:28 play and they say okay now you catch up 快點追上
04:30 now at this point the only way you’re 現在你要追上唯一的辦法
04:32 gonna catch up in the game is that the 就是你的對手把他們已經佔有的財產分給你
04:33 person shares the wealth correct 對吧?
04:35 but what if every time you share the 然後每一次他們要分的時候
04:37 wealth then there’s psychological 他們就攻擊你
04:39 warfare against you to say oh you’re an 說你是保障名額 沒有實力 只能靠救濟施捨
04:41 equal-opportunity hire so if I play  
04:44 400 rounds of Monopoly with you and I 我跟你玩四百回合的大富翁
04:47 had to play and give you every dime that 我賺到的每一毛錢都是你的
04:48 I made and then for 50 years every time 然後我們再玩五十回合
04:52 that I played if you didn’t like what 你只要不高興
04:54 I did you got to burn it like they did 就可以把我的財產全部燒光
04:56 in Tulsa and like they did in Rosewood 像在 Tulsa 像在 Rosewood
04:59 how can you win how can you win you 我要怎麼贏 我們要怎麼贏
05:05 can’t win the game is fixed so when they 我們沒辦法贏 這場遊戲從頭就作弊不公平
05:09 say why do you burn down the community 所以當他們說你幹麻破壞自己的社群
05:11 why do you burn down your own 幹嘛燒掉自己的社區
05:12 neighborhood it’s not ours we don’t own 那不是我們自己的
05:15 anything we don’t own anything there is 我們沒有擁有任何東西
05:20 Trevor Noah said it so beautifully last Trevor Noah 昨晚講得非常好
05:23 night there’s a social contract that we 我們有個社會合約
05:25 all have that if you steal or if I steal 如果你偷了東西 或我偷了東西
05:28 then the person who is the authority 會由有權力的第三方來調解這個不公平
05:30 comes in and they fix the situation  
05:32 but the person who fixes the situation 但這個有權力的人正在謀殺我們
05:34 is killing us so the social contract is 所以這個社會合約早就已經毀約
05:38 broken and if the social contract is 如果已經毀約
05:41 broken why the fuck do I give a shit 我為什麼還要在意名人堂有沒有被燒掉
05:43 about burning the fucking Football Hall  
05:45 of Fame about burning the fucking Target 我幹嘛在意 Target 超市被燒掉
05:47 you broke the contract when you killed 你毀約了
05:50 us in the streets and didn’t give a fuck 你在街上肆無忌憚的謀殺我們的時候就毀約了
05:52 you broke the contract for 400 你毀約了整整四百年
05:55 years we played your game and built your 我們玩了這場大富翁
05:57 wealth 建立了你每一分的財富
05:57 you broke the contract when we built our 在我們白手起家重新建立我們自己的財富時
06:00 wealth again on our own by our  
06:02 bootstraps in Tulsa and you dropped 你在 Tulsa 轟炸我們
06:04 bombs on us when we built it in Rosewood 你在 Rosewood 屠殺我們
06:07 and you came in and you slaughtered us you  
06:11 broke the contract so fuck your Target 所以去你的 Target
06:14 fuck your Hall of Fame 去你的名人堂
06:18 far as I’m concerned they can burn this 把全部都燒掉都不夠抵這些過去
06:20 bitch to the ground and it still  
06:23 wouldn’t be enough and they are lucky 他們很幸運
06:25 that what black people are looking for 現在黑人只想要平等
06:27 is equality and not revenge 不想要復仇