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Happy Hubberversary

22 Jul 2014

Today marks my one year being a GitHubber. Phew, what a crazy year.

A lot happened in this past year, both inside and outside of GitHub. The following paragraph from my interview post last year had been tested again, and again, and it remains to be so true.

GitHub is the people, and obviously people make mistakes, no one is ever perfect, and they are not afraid to show it. They recognise their weaknesses and try to better everything all the time.

In the last year, I shipped the GitHub Education site with @johndbritton and @afeld, made many changes to our payment/coupon system with @kasima and @southgate, added PayPal support with the amazing [redacted] team, and fixed god knows how many bugs on github.com – :laughing: I was surprised by how many there were to begin with.

I also travelled to 12 different countries, met many GitHubbers in their natural habitats, realized that some people are actually much more lovely in person, and made friends with amazing people all over the world.

However, this journey, which seems nice and easy on the outside, is actually filled with insecurity and struggles for me.

My first few months at GitHub weren’t smooth. It took me months to finally feel like I know how things should be done, what is appreciated, and who to ask for help on all different sorts of things. Although apparently, I hid it pretty well.

The Education site took way longer than I had expected, because of which I was frustrated with myself and was scared to do more. Getting into github.com’s code base was such a challenge that I doubted if I ever really know anything about Rails. And, working with amazing designers/developers means I’d constantly feel like I can’t ever do either well enough.

The thought of “Ugh, [_____] must think I am an idiot. Gonna hide in a hole and never come out.” pops into my head constantly.

In the process, there were times when I feel so overwhelmed and frustrated that I thought I should stop pretending I was good enough to be here. All this faking just wasn’t going to cut it. Sounds familiar? the ever so annoying Impostor Syndrome.

But, I am all good now.

In this past year I have also heard so many praises and kind words from coworkers who I didn’t even know or may have never worked with. They made me realise that I can really contribute, and the work I do is appreciated. So much so that they may hear about my work without having seeing it themselves.

And the people I work closely with, they make me feel fortunate each day, for that I get to work with and learn from them, these genuinely nice and super talented individuals, who blow my mind all the time.

And finally the people, who care hard, who speak up without a hint of doubt when they see something wrong, whom I can comfortably reach out to any time, they are the best, and they made a world of difference to me.

GitHub, as advertised, let us have tons of freedom, and that freedom comes with a price. Things are loose, unclear, up in the air from time to time, and it sucked to feel unsure about things constantly. Saying that “you get to work on what you want to”, means that you will have to figure that out yourself.

It’s a lot like leaving home – the right to be independent comes with a ton of responsibilities.

I was so lucky to have met the people who helped me through the bumps in the road, I was so lucky to have found a spot where I fit in, and I was so lucky to have got on this journey. The journey that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Twelve months passed by, GitHub still does not have everything figured out, but I already knew that’d be the case. GitHub is growing, and things are changing, it’s going to be a while til dust settles.

People here are trying tirelessly to make a big difference, and there are indeed many things broken, but we are fixing them. This ride to the moon is going to be bumpy along the way, but we will get there.

To all of my lovely fellow hubbernauts who make me feel welcomed, appreciated, and respected on a daily basis, it has been a blessing to work with you all, and here’s to another crazy year. :tada:


Many of the said lovely people are not in these photos.