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05 May 2013

I have been busy building zeczec. This version was shipped 2 weeks ago, and I guess I’d never really be happy with it.

Well, so evidently upon shipping zeczec, I stopped writing blogs and stopped redesigning my blog(!), which is bad, but I just could not spare the time, too many bugs and too many improvements to make. :S

I have been thinking about finishing the last post for a long time, but having left it for too long, I cannot really find a place to start…

Therefore, instead of keeping finding out where and how to start, I thought I try to get back on track by redesigning my blog! :) And as expected, as soon as I open Sublime(not really, Sublime was never closed), the new design was born within 2 hours. So here it is, now the next thing would be to start writing again. Hope that would happen soon.

In the mean time,… I’m craving some dumplings.