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Scribble, a Jekyll Theme

05 May 2013

Update: 25 Sep 2012

I decided it was too much work to add a new theme, and rather not destroy the joy of redesigning blogs by constraining myself with frameworks, so.. from now on the themes will be in the repository of this blog, meaning if you do want to use it, it’s going to take you some setup time, migrating posts or however you do it.

One thing remains to be true: you’re all welcome to use the themes I made, edit it however you like, only that I will not be doing support.

Browse the design changes using this neat release view of the repository. ♥

Update: 20 May 2013

I am now working on Wardrobe, which would be a jekyll setup with 3-5 themes to start with, it is currently work in progress but you can have a sneak preview here (one of the themes.)

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Remember this post? Yap, I have been busy, but it is no excuse. There is only one reason for why I didn’t start the project – It is too big to start. I failed to find a way in.

How exactly do you make it easy for people to switch themes without turning this project into some huge monster? I don’t know, and couldn’t find the time to think about it thoroughly.

I thought about building the themes on top of jekyll bootstrap. Well, it would be sensible, but no, not at this point at least. It would be a huge barrier for me in terms of kicking start this project, because then I’d need to understand how things are structured in jekyll bootstrap…

Therefore, I decided to keep it as simple as possible, just do basically what Left (by Zach Holman) does, and it, is, done.


So, Scribble is the first theme, read more about it on the demo site.

That’ll be all. :)